Everything you wanted to know on Monarch butterflies and Milkweed. These web pages below present the iconic MONARCH BUTTERFLY at various stages of its life. Photos, videos and information with links to relevant resources are provided throughout those pages. For information on the food source of the Monarch caterpillar, please click on MILKWEED . For the complete list of all the pages of this website please click here . 2020 UPDATE: The 2020 summer season was a dismal one for the Monarch butterfly. It started with a bad winter down in Mexico, then when the first butterflies started arriving in Texas, there was a heat wave which damaged them. Then it appears that at least in eastern Canada, there were less sightings based on reports from various Monarch Facebook groups in southern New-Brunswick and southern Ontario through the summer. As for PEI, no sighting reports , except for one female I saw once in my garden in June. Afterwards I found two eggs only on the milkweed, and bot