Can Monarch caterpillars have a personality?

This page tells the story (with photos below) of two Monarch caterpillars who behaved in a very different way when it was time to search for a spot to pupate.

Out of 35 caterpillars I have raised so far, those two are the only ones that displayed such a 'temperament' or 'attitude'.

They crawled restlessly for several hours over their Milkweed plants, then escaped and crawled up the window screen. They then kept on crawling and crawling when I put them back on the plants, seemingly unsatisfied with their surroundings.

At the time (2018) I didn't think of the idea of introducing lilac leaves in their glass jar, which might have satisfied their needs.

Instead, I eventually placed a screen on top of the container with the glass jar, with the Milkweed plants touching the screen. Sure enough, they soon started weaving their silk pads on the screen, VERY CLOSE to each other.

I placed that screen on top of kitchen cabinets after they were securely attached to their silk pads. They emerged as butterflies one day apart. Curiously, it just happened that these two were a male and a female...

These 2 Monarch caterpillars searched for hours for a spot to pupate - © Denise Motard
Searching and searching and
Monarch caterpillars will soon start weaving their silk pads - © Denise Motard
The new arrangement
Monarch caterpillars weaving their silk pads - © Denise Motard
Weaving their silk pads
Monarch caterpillars will soon detach into 'J' phase - © Denise Motard
Will soon detach into 'J' phase
Monarch caterpillars at 'J' phase - © Denise Motard
Monarch caterpillars at 'J' phase
Monarch fresh chrysalises - © Denise Motard
Turned into chrysalises
Monarch chrysalis turned black, butterfly will emerge soon - © Denise Motard
Getting ready to emerge
Monarch butterfly female just emerged - © Denise Motard
The female emerged first
Male Monarch butterfly just emerged - © Denise Motard
The male emerged the following day